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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: The Great American Inventory Knockdown Clearance Sale

All the big boys have bellied up to the bar and signed the great American clearance accord to clear some shelf space for Wave 2 coming on April 22nd …


Of course, out of the 550,000 diecasts on Target shelves, about 499,000 are Finn’s, Lightning’s, Francesco’s & Mater’s so good luck on your hunt but at least now maybe they will crack open the remainder A, B & C cases from last May – select other CARS are 50% – thanks Nikko for the pics here – what else is on sale?

Kmart is actually matching the $.99 sale price plus a nice deal of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on everything else CARS. Of course, KM’s CARS inventory is generally not very high but maybe your store is well stocked.

Walmart is actually not going to $.99 but they will price match. The other competitor ads just call it a sale and not clearance so in theory, they should price match – are you trying it? Are you successful?

Note – they do not price match on BOGO items so only the diecasts.

And TRU (who does not price match) has the least appealing deal …

So, will you will partake in the great American clearance? Have you already? What’s the stock selection in your store(s)? Will you pick up ton ‘o minions as Gregg K. suggests?


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  • WickedShark says:

    All of the stores I have been to (Targets and Kmart) are all pretty much sold out except for Finn and 2 packs. The shelves emptied quickly once they hit the .99 price. Oh and I did go to Walmart and pick a few up which they price matched as stated above.

  • CHERIE says:

    I found several RT versions at the Kmart in the Mentor, Ohio area. I scored several Francesco, McQueen, Nigel, Chick Hicks, Miguel, Max,Carla, Lewis, and Raoul, and ONE of the King. I went to four other Kmarts in the Cleveland area after that, but none of them had anywhere near the amount of Cars the first store had. I also wasted my time at one of the stores that is closing, because they would not honor the ad , which I thought was pretty stupid. I bought about a couple hundred RT McQueen Cars tonight, and I plan on using them for customs. The rubber tires make the car look so much nicer, IMO.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Stig Jr. finally picked up sub FMM and hydro FMM for $2 each at Sears last week.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I stopped by my Kmart last night, and they had every Cars item at Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and singles were $0.99, so I didn’t even have to produce the Target ad.

  • Tom says:

    Wow, $.99! Probably not much profit for the retailers in that. I hope everyone learned their lesson and we will see a better assortment going forward. I guess Mattel must have offered the retailers a pretty sweet deal on new stock in order to have them clear the old stuff out so cheap. I will take a Denise Beam 4 pack if they are to be had for 50% off.

  • Tedsallis says:

    LEMONS!!! Managed to snag 4 Acers, a Trunkov and a couple of the 2 packs I could not bear to pay full price for ( Zen Pitty and Tomber) . My daughter’s well stocked now with cars to earn. Gonna hit a few other stores today and see if I can’t find some more, a few more grems at 3.49 would not be bad.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Going tomorrow to pick through and see if anything’s new… which there won’t be. I’ll probably still buy some Finn’s (why not McQueen’s and Maters? Because the only Car at my Wal-Mart IS Finn) just to clear stock and hopefully see something in a Case newer than the Shu and Miguel one, which was the last Case to see daylight there.

    That was before Christmas.

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      My unsuccess: Wal-Mart had aout 15 Finns and nothing else…

      K-Mart had Finn, Lightning (single, Cars 2 Rubber Tire and Cars 1 Rubber Tire) and Raoul (single and Rubber Tire). And some short-card Finn. Every single Megasized except the 3 Aussie exclusives and the Popemobile, and lots of John Lassetire 2 packs. Bought a Finish Line Frenzy McQueen for $6.50 only to notice there was a huge scratch right under the headlight on the side you can’t see. Reassembling the package so I can return him tomorrow to get another.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I bought 8 singles at Target yesterday for a then-sale-price of $3.29, so I presented my receipt today and got a nice cash refund. I bought a couple more and will try the price matching this week at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Sears if they price match. We adopt a family at school every year for Christmas, so these will be nice for someone down the road.

  • BMW says:

    Did well on the 99 cent sale. my Target had a good selection this morning at the 8 am store opening. It was a mix of the original 16 back Cars and the new non diecut cards. This Target had almost all of the singles up to number 21 (Schnell) but none beyond 21.
    Pope and Pinion Tanaka were on the pegs as well for 3.99. Nice sale on 4 packs and 7 packs at half price.

    By 8:30 am, Moms started arriving, buying for Easter presents and Easter parties.
    Handed a Sarge to a Mom who had never found one.

    • BMW says:

      Took the ad from Target to Sears and they price matched.
      2 Mel dorados, Rod, Nigel, Max and Jeff were there. plus Sears 30 percent price guarantee, another 30 percent off.

      Kohls also price matched at 99 cents.

      Today the Target pegs were almost empty. Only a few left of Finn Mater Mcqueens and Francescos.
      Walmart is a different story. Pegs are full. Walmart needs to advertise a sale on the diecasts.

  • Jack says:

    I’m thinking this has to clear out a whole buch of the pegwarmers. I’m sure many will buy some Cars for a dollar just to bring them back when they buy new cars after the sale for full price. Then they will return some pegwarmers bought for a dollar and return them with the same DCPI # receipt for the cars they just paid 4.00 or 5.00 a car for. Thereby only paying 1 dollar a car for any new ones they find down the road.
    I am not endorsing this stradegy or judging it’s ethics. I just know many people that have done it and or still do.
    You can probably get some rainchecks too. I suggest bringing 1 single to customer service and just asking for a rainchecks of 8 or so. Different stores have different limits but most usually don’t even ask if there are more of them in the cars section. You can always say there wasn’t much. Anyway the rainchecks are good for about 90 days so it’s a good way of making sure you only pay a dollar a car for the next couple of months when and if you do find new cars.
    Happy hunting everyone. May your hunts be successful.

    • Jinzo says:

      Actually rainchecks are only valid for 45 days.
      I can’t wait to finally see new stuff on the shelf. yesterday I finally saw Shu & Miguel case come in. It’s been half a year since anything came in. Hopefully Mattel learned their lesson about case assortments. I will buy the remaining 8 singles I needed… pretty much what’s on the pegs right now. Even @ $1, seems kind of expensive for my first Finn, Mater, LMQ, Francesco, and so on.

  • djtomain says:

    Walmart price matched the .99 cent cars but would not match the deluxe. So I was semi-successful.

  • D J says:

    NICE! This has to be the most ironic thing in the world! Last night, i had a dream where all singles were $1 and 2-packs were $2, they sold out so fast!

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