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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: The Great American Inventory Knockdown Clearance Sale

All the big boys have bellied up to the bar and signed the great American clearance accord to clear some shelf space for Wave 2 coming on April 22nd …


Of course, out of the 550,000 diecasts on Target shelves, about 499,000 are Finn’s, Lightning’s, Francesco’s & Mater’s so good luck on your hunt but at least now maybe they will crack open the remainder A, B & C cases from last May – select other CARS are 50% – thanks Nikko for the pics here – what else is on sale?

Kmart is actually matching the $.99 sale price plus a nice deal of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on everything else CARS. Of course, KM’s CARS inventory is generally not very high but maybe your store is well stocked.

Walmart is actually not going to $.99 but they will price match. The other competitor ads just call it a sale and not clearance so in theory, they should price match – are you trying it? Are you successful?

Note – they do not price match on BOGO items so only the diecasts.

And TRU (who does not price match) has the least appealing deal …

So, will you will partake in the great American clearance? Have you already? What’s the stock selection in your store(s)? Will you pick up ton ‘o minions as Gregg K. suggests?


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