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Mattel Pixar CARS: At Costco Holiday 2008 & Random Retail

Sadly, nothing too spectacular – the RC’s of Mater & McQueen (both available mostly elsewhere) …

Plus this track which I think is new but not terribly exciting … the Tyco Division at Mattel didn’t even bother with original art – they just added some motion lines to the mainline artwork … um, weak, weak …

Besides, Now THIS is a SLOT TRACK!

Available at Restoration Hardware (of all places).

Thanks for the Costco pics, Mikey.

And of course, some 32-Days of CARS advent chocolate (like a bag of chocolate would last 32 days …) from Heinz57baby (Canada).

Speaking of “candy,” though not CARS, very oddball …

Is it just me or does it seem odd to get kids used to drinking from an IV bag? … or maybe kids shouldn’t drink two quarts of artificially colored corn syrup but hey, maybe I’m just old fashioned …

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