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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2023 Singles CASE G, a Great Case …

The 2023 Singles CASE G is out and hitting store pegs (DXV-95CG) … it’s a G for Great Case …

ALL NEW Kelly Beambright & Pitstoposaurus (likely to be the only dinosaur name we can remember without looking it up).

Nice detailed Road Rumbler Lightning McQueen … 2X!

Not the first release of Mae Pillar DuRev but nice to get 2 more.

The return of Tokyo Mater singles plus Tokyo Mater specific artwork … They now sport the Thai eyelid line: Drift Party Mater (unibody now, I believe previously, he had a segmented fcae+a plastic tow body); Patokaa, Tokyo police and; Ito San …

Not new but nice to see more of Noah Goeck and Tim Treadless.

Plus returning characters that look nice on the pegs …

And a few common re-releases.

All and all, a gun case in the new square configuration.


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