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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS On the Road: Fun Look at Greebles, Datz Jammin & Griswold

The first batch of CARS on the Road singles are a fun and varied bunch …

Datz Jammin

Greebles – one of the few segmented face releases.

Great & fun looking.


“Dirt” tires.

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21 November 2022 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 Comments


  • quercy says:

    I had to buy case J, K and M to get all the new cars released lately because I am not seeing anything around and I am not counting of a distribution blitz before the end of the year… 2023 are probably on their way in…

  • quercy says:

    I really like Griswold and Greebles… Datz?… not so much. BUT I really enjoyed all these new characters! We need more of them.

    • Real Gone says:

      I like them all, I personally would prefer the Gremlin without the clown nose and makeup but of course that is how it was in the cartoon. If I got any of them it would be Griswold for sure.

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