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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS On the Road: Noriyuki Goes to Pieces

Thanks,”Mad Mel” for the great photos of his CARS On the Road Noriyuki after he’s gone to pieces. 🙂

Clearly Mad Mel sees everything that can be cracked open, 🙂

“Noriyuki is held together with triangular “slotted” screws. Here’s a couple of photos to show how it looks taken apart, and how it looks put back together without the simulated load. Jerry cans are held in place by the metal body. Only the front screw is holding it together. But In my imagination this load was used on Mater.

My only complaint with the Salt Flat cars are the white tires. Card photos show black tires. I’d want black tires with speckled white paint to simulate salt on the tire tread and part of the white walls. Still, a very nice set. – Mad Mel.”

It’s very cool. I like that jerry oil can is gray and not brown – nice extra touch.


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7 November 2022 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 Comments


  • Mad Mel says:

    I found my Sarah and Noriyuki set at Target. The triangular screw driver set from eBay. You only need to remove the rear screw to have the load removable, but it does make Noriyuki slightly loose. It screws into the thin kinda orange tone piece, holding the back tightly. Not too tight as not to strip the plastic. The triangular screwdriver size I used has “TA1.8” printed on it. Set has TA sizes 1.4, 1.8, 2.0, 2.3, 2.7 and 3.0. Think it was around $14 for the set.
    Have fun!

  • Real Gone says:

    I liked how Mad Mel said he imagined the load was used to modify Mater. That is pretty fun! I want to get ahold of this little guy just to take it apart too and put it back together without the load. I have taken the rear cabin off of Dr. Damage just to check it out (it had Philips head screws) and it is neat to see how it all goes together.

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