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Disney Pixar CARS: This is How CARS Becomes Sentient, Apparently …

So, this is how we it begins … instead of the T-100, Cyberdyne begins here …


So, what kind of CAR would you like to be? 🙂

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27 September 2022 Disney Pixar CARS 2 Comments


  • MackDaddy says:

    “Becomes Sentient” Geez Met, you can’t be using big words like that. Most of us have never used that word before. Though for some reason I knew exactly what it meant. It would be better to use small words like “aware” or phrases like, “Johnny Five Alive”. That, I can relate too!

    (MET: Quoting from Short Circuit … humm, you’re older than 27? :-). ).

    • MackDaddy says:

      You asked what CAR we would like to be? I would like to be Finn McMissile! Where does he get all those wonderful toys? And I like Michael Caine. Or in real life maybe a Ford GT painted like Racing Center McQueen!

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