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Disney Pixar CARS: CARS On The Road Trailer #1 is Here + Screengrabs (Decasts?)

Thanks “Carl P” for the heads up that the CARS On the Road TV Series trailer #1 is HERE!

It covers a lot of ground and a lot of characters – will they all be diecasts?

Obviously we’ll get Mater who looks about the same in his norm look, maybe a little more white paint? Lightning is a simplified throwback look …

Shocker, Ramone has a new look.

Ooga, ooga, I want pre-historic Lightning & Mater … maybe a SDCC 2023 Box set with a dinosaur?


Other characters …

Some sort of Presidential Mater & staff …

Hot Rod Mater Version 2 …

Dog CAR.

Clown cars are back! Including a Gremlin Clown CAR …

All diecasts?

More screen grabs tomorrow.

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