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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Rusty & Dusty Rust-Eze Variants

The Rusty & Dusty brothers are a variant … the 2-pack first arrived in 2021 but in small quantities so it may be easier to find now.

Dusty is one of my favorite sculpts – capturing the blocky Dodge van of yore …  so the differences? They added a line (and piece??) for his mouth and grill which actually matches the screenshot BUT they also added a line around the word DODGE which is not correct (Screenshot below).

So, you can argue he’s not a unibody. the piece is not straight plastic but I think a resin which is technically plastic but a new harder plastic so it better matches metal … YOU DECIDE.

(screenshot CARS 3)

But great details throughout.

But his windows should be outlined in black … as the original release was.

However, Rusty Rust-Eze has much more defined details.


So, original Dusty has the correct window black outline but not the line around the mouth grille so in effect, a unibody AND the Dodge logo is correct. The overall aging paint effect is a little off – better on the new release.  But the rim design is a little closer to the screenshot so basically, if you want to bypass this current release, understandable so … if you don’t have it yet, these are fine variant versions to have.

Rusty Rust-Eze is a much better sculpt with better details. So, YOU MAKE THE CALL. (this is the original release).

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  • quercy says:

    The color of these cars are confusing me.. in the movie they look more blueish than green but in the books or magazine they are definitively more green. The 2015, 18 and 20 cards are showing them blue, celeste or aqua what ever you are calling it… My personal opinion the die cast should be more blue than green… Not a big deal but it always bugging me when the cars color does not match the card 🙂

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Great overview, Met! I’ve had Dusty for a while, but have yet to grab Rusty. Hopefully I’ll find him soon.

  • CarTalk says:

    Delightful! Have yet to see them in the wild. Can’t wait to find them and some other 2 packs.

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