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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Sweet Tea & The Legends (Cotter Pin Band)

Just an overdue review of the band, Sweet Tea and the Legends (the Cotter Pin Band from CARS 3).

We’re an American Band …

Sweet Tea.

Robert JamJones

Pam Wheelbarrow.

Rich Hurry.


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  • Real Gone says:

    Stopped by a local Walmart today and low and behold they had three haulers sitting on the shelf!!! I haven’t seen a hauler anywhere since early last November. I immediately picked up the NextGen Marty Hauler to go with my Wally Hauler. The other 2 were Mack and NextGen Bumper Save. It was so nice to see them in stock.

    I still have yet to see Otis, Andy Vaporlock, or the NASCAR series Rowdy Revvin’ Busch. I would really rather find them in store instead of triple the price (or more!) on eBay.

    (MET: I think Andy is in the next case so if the current case is not at your WM, maybe the next one?)

  • John says:

    “Pam Wheeldarrow”

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