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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New 2022 5-Packs

Thanks, “Samuel K.” for the photos and heads up.

The Rocker Arms Int’l Raceway 5-pack is back and re-configured. So, now the box sets are made in Thailand (along with the singles) so no more variant eye positions??  Here are the last 2 releases.

This set features the 1st eyelid line version of Todd Marcus (No Stall), CARS 3 Piston Cup racer. A variant in more ways than one,

Last release from China.

Also, the Crossin’ Through Radiator Springs Box set. A nice set for starters and perfect when kids start watching the TV series … Hydraulic Ramone is new with the eyelid line. He is also definitely a different look from the last release (not just the eyes), the tampo decals are darker and he’s “metallic” like as many releases are – jus like Radiator Springs Lightning in this box seems “metallic.”

Collect ’em all.

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