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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: NASCAR Series Rowdy Revin’ Busch #18

Thanks, “Mark T.” for the great photos.

Rowdy Revin’ Busch #18 is one of the nicest looking NASCAR Series racer …

Moving all of the logos to the hood looks great …


New release for 2022 at Walmart only.

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  • quercy says:

    More than 3 months since this post and I did not see any single NASCAR in any WalMart since then… I am wondering if that series is over… like many other incomplete series Mattel have done… sigh…

    • Real Gone says:

      I have seen a few somewhat recently but yes, very difficult to find.

      • quercy says:

        You did? Rowdy or other NASCAR?

        • Real Gone says:

          Sorry, just saw your comment. Some of the other NASCARs. I’ve never seen Rowdy in the stores. As a matter of fact, my nearby Walmart recently put clearance tags on the NASCARs. Of course there was nothing on the pegs to buy, so whatever. I decided to give up and buy one off ebay. Not being able to find one and Walmart possibly not carrying them anymore I felt I better get one now before they go up even higher. Who knows? Maybe this is short term and Walmart will have them back on the shelves. I haven’t been to any other Walmarts yet so I don’t know is this is an isolated thing or not. Anyone else see clearance tags on the NASCAR line?

          • quercy says:

            Did not see any clearance for NASCAR at any WM. That is normally a sign that series will not come back so I should get one before the price goes insanely high like you said.

  • quercy says:

    Someone knows if there is more NASCAR characters coming after Rowdy???

    (MET: It seems likely to continue but since it’s a WM exclusive, no real word 🙂 ).

  • Real Gone says:

    I still can’t get over them releasing a Next Gen racer with Hostile Takeover Bank as a sponsor. So excited to find it!!!

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Glad they finally released Kyle. He’s one of my favorite NASCAR drivers.

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