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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Race ‘N Go Playset

Thanks “Carl P.” for the heads up & photos.

The Race ‘N Go Playset looks like fun for smaller kids …

Some assembly required and look, you can actually learn a new language … though I’m not sure how often you need the phrase “3 Ways to Play.” Or it comes up often for you …  🙂

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  • FischAutoTechGarten says:

    Eli at GetMeCollectibles pursued the continuation of the MainLine (1:55) Precision Series with Mattel at the bequest of allot of his customers. Basically he needed to spend $250,000 for each (Doc Hudson’s, Courthouse, LMQ Museum) with Mattel, was not guaranteed an exclusive, nor guaranteed that they would build anything beyond his first order.

    He also pursued doing Radiator Springs setups for the Mini-Racers. Similar conditions.

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Years ago Mattel released a mini seris Courthouse playset. Its facia was in scale with the first 4 intersection playsets. It has the 3 doors but do not open. Its depth (front to back) is approxiametly 100mm/4 inches.
    Inside are fire equipment and a tower for Red to jump onto The set opens up to a flat base with launcher and ramp for Red to jump through a flamming fire circle.
    Wee used it as part of our ‘first town’. It is the Courthouse in our second Precision Series town also.
    Would still like to have a Precision verion of the Courthouse.
    I would collect them all.

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Mattel, please reconsider making Doc Hudsons Onament Valley Mechanical Clinic Precision Series play-set.

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