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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2021 Singles Case DXV29-95AM (Last One!)

It looks like DXV29-95AM is the last singles case of 2021. Thanks “GetMeCollectibles.”

ALL NEW – Racing Red Lightning McQueen & Millie (with the cool floor waxing accessory).

Sort of new, Kris Revstopski with the yellow flag (the flag is new) and Easy Idle racing Tractor is not new but hasn’t been out for a year so if you missed it …

Plus the updated new with eyelid lines: (Purple) Hydraulic Ramone,  Aiden & Darrell Cartrip.

Re-releases of 2021 diecasts but nice to see again.

And a few common re-releases.

It looks like EVERYTHING on the 2021 poster is out … nice! That doesn’t happen too often …

Get ready for 2022!

CARS Year 17.

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14 December 2021 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 9 Comments


  • Real Gone says:

    Considering the year and a half we’ve had with supply chain issues, I have managed to find most of what I wanted to. The ones I am missing are some of the Thomasville retro racers, a couple of the racing tractors, and two of the Racing Reds. Sally and Mater. Oh well, I am really glad I managed to find McQueen, Storm, and especially Cruz! She is one of the most beautiful of all the releases I have ever seen. Pretty remarkable.

    Also, I have not seen one single deluxe in any store ranging from Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or Nebraska in over a year if not longer!

  • MackDaddy says:

    Why is Revstopski facing to the left while all the others face to the right?

    (MET: I would guess the flag holder piece is not very large or sturdy and on the outside, might get damaged in a box … but pressed against a cardboard, it would be okay … but in looking at the packaging from years past, there’s no real rhythm, reason or pattern as to which way a car faces).

    • quercy says:

      You right! EVERYTHING they have released this year: Singles, Deluxe, Launchers, Key Chain, Endurance, NASCAR, Haulers, color Changers, 10 Packs, Winter Time, Pixar Fest are all facing right except most of the 5-packs and the 2nd cars in all 2-packs.

      Kris would be the 2021 Easter egg 🙂

  • quercy says:

    Everything out and more… However, Tractor Bumper Saver and Miss Fritter were almost nonexistent in stores…

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