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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles CASE DXV-95AL

Getting down the wire – this looks to be the next to last case of 2021 – the Singles Case DXV-95AL

Thanks “Get Me Collectibles”

It’s a nice case with lots of new releases, variants plus non-common re-releases.

CARS 3 Bob Cutlass with a variant shiny look … plus the great Mummy Costume Luigi & Ghost Costume Guido … I like how they added “costume” to their names so not to scare kids who might think Luigi has been mummified by Egyptian priests and that Luigi is not dead haunting us  🙂  … so relax, just a costume …

New for 2021, Reporter Derek Wheeliams and Thomasville Floyd Morgan.

Also NEW, Camera operator Sara Wheelson (largest attached camera ever?) plus #68 Jim Reverick Carbon Cyber, one of the last next gen racers …

I think this is the 1st release of Marlon Clutches McKay this year?

Nice re-releases to see on the pegs.

A few common re-releasses.


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8 December 2021 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 8 Comments


  • Mapplesoft says:

    We’ve gotten a few cases worth (on separate occasions) at my Walmart and every time Jim Reverick is missing from the pegs. Btw I was totally confused at first, I was thinking that Noah Gocek was the Carbon Cyber racer but turns out he is Clutch Aid.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Hi MET! I Tweeted you a couple weeks ago about finding the Pixar Drive-In characters, is that old news?

    (MET: I did a post but wondered if it was old stock in one store or back everywhere and no one else chimed in so for now, it seems to be a one shot deal??)

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Mummy Luigi and Ghost Guido, very cool! Also on my list is Floyd Morgan, Sara Wheelson, and Jim Reverick. I found Derek Wheeliams and Bob Cutlass at Target a week or so ago. Regarding Sara Wheelson; does she have any relation to Derek Wheeliams? Maybe they’re cousins or something? Also, the camera is shown on two different sides, on the diecast and on the card. Maybe it’s on the correct side for the diecast, but they couldn’t do that on the card because it would cover her eyes? Just a thought.

  • pwschuh says:

    Thanks! Is the same true for Sara Wheelson? Is she also from the original CARS?

  • pwschuh says:

    Is Reporter Derek Wheeliams a new CARS 1 character (i.e., never before released)?? Thanks.

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