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Reno Classic Car Show … Logo

Thanks, “Merrill G.” for the photo and heads up.

I guess the designer is hoping no one notices … as long as no 3-year comes across it. 🙂

I guess his clients think he’s a genius for knocking this out in 24 hours … well, 30 minutes of cut & paste, 23.5 hours to putter around.  🙂

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3 November 2021 Disney Pixar CARS 2 Comments


  • Winnie says:

    I think the logo is based off what the Cars logo was based on (1950s Chevy Danchuk + Chevy Bel Air emblem). Which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t wandered into a mantique store where I first saw the emblem. So the Reno show based it off of the old Chevys and the cars on the photo seems to be 1950s Chevys 🙂

  • Big Muzzy says:

    When is the car show? LOL

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