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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Name Game of Leroy Heming

Thanks to ” Daniel G, Dale W and Samuel K.” for the heads up and photo.

Last year, Leroy Heming was released as a single, a Thomasville Classic racer (racing against the Fabulous Hudson Hornet back in the day). From Thailand with the eyelid release.

Recently he was “re-released” as HEYDAY LEROY HEMING in a slightly more cream color and lower eye position (left photo below).

So, going by the strictest checklist, we have (left to right):

2021 Heyday Leroy Heming
2020 Leroy Heming

Yes, the difference is minimal (the tampo decals are also slightly different) but as he comes with a different nameplate, he’s a different release version and not a variant.

For most collectors, there’s no real need to add to Heyday Leroy Heming but for the 44 complestist collectors left, go do the voodoo you do … or shake your fist and yell LEERROOYYYY HEEEMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collect ’em all

Of course, in later years, the 20202 or 2021 release he might be re-labeled as a variant if subsequent re-releases all look like one or the other … so stay tuned and read everyday – otherwise you might miss out and with the wrongly labeled Leroy Heming/Heyday Lerou Heming, you will be mercilessly mocked (or not, but why take that chance).

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