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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Heyday of Leroy Heming

Leroy Heming returns in a 2-pack with Heyday Junior Moon. The only difference is he’s now listed as “Heyday Leroy Heming.” A one-off error or a change? There are plenty of other retro racer CARS not with the heyday nickname which was reserved for the friends of Doc when they raced Doc when they were new and in their heyday so hey, now, what’s it gonna be?

He looks unchanged from regular Leroy Heming. For the internet meme savvy, you can shout LEE-ROY HEM-MING!! when you spot him in stores with fists of rage. *

*For ruining your well designed naming placard system – is he an L or an H and when will we know for sure???

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