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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Cactus Lightning McQueen & Sheldon Shifter

Thanks, “Samuel K.” for the photo & heads up.

There is a new Cactus Lightning McQueen with eyelid line in the Welcome to Radiator Springs line (Target).

And Sheldon Shifter joins the Radiator Springs 24H Endurance Race line.

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  • Real Gone says:

    At least McQueen has a different expression. My only (small) complaint about the Next Gen racers is that they all have pretty much the same expression/face with the main difference being the eyelid position and/or eye color.

    I did just look over the racers that I have and the funny thing is each wave is like that to a degree. The racers from Cars all have a determined look of some type, the ones from Cars 3 are all smiling, and the Next Gens all have that look of disdain (or whatever).

    So I guess there is variety after all, it’s just spread out over the three different waves of racers!

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    I wish Mattel would put a little more effort and detail into some of the diecasts. It would be nice to have that piece of cactus stuck to McQueen’s tire, but I guess not. I suppose one could argue that it would interfere with the play value, how the car rolls, etc.

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