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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Team 95 & 51 Mater + 2021 Deluxe Case M

The first Deluxe CASE is out for 2021.

Formerly “Fan Favorites” release series now part of the mainline with the all-new Team 95 & 51 Mater.

There was a Team 95 Mater with the Piston Cup on his head.

Returning with eyelid line – Dr. Damage.

Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires … yea, the mattress is still a little yellow – maybe you shouldn’t drive around with a mattress strapped to your roof for 15 years. 🙂 In Japan, they are probably asking, why does Leroy Traffik have a giant tamago on his roof?

Red with eyelid line.

Cardback only features the CAR on the front but free language lesson for all!

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26 February 2021 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 Comments


  • Real Gone says:

    So excited to see that Dr. Damage is out again! I want to give it to a friend’s son for his birthday.

    Dr. Damage is the entire reason I got back into collecting Cars again. I had 66 original vehicles/characters from Cars that I had collected in ’06-’07 and then never gave it a second thought. Then I saw him in Walmart after looking at Hot Wheels in 2018 and I was blown away! Soon after I bought a Thunder Hollow two pack and was again blown away by how cool and detailed they were. I just could not get over the details and the damage put into them-I had never seen anything like that before.

    • CarTalk says:

      That is a noble cause! I want one for myself 🙂 Hope you can pick one up for your friend.

      The demo derby cars are interesting with the damage and matte finishes. Mattel has a good thing going and like you, I was drawn to the uniqueness of Thunder Hollow series.

      • Real Gone says:

        I’m just glad that they are out on the shelves! I saw Taco at my local Walmart just this morning plus a few other Thunder Hollow racers and the 2-pack Hit and Run at Target today as well.

        I haven’t found Dr. Damage yet but I will keep looking for him too. At least his birthday isn’t until the fall so I have plenty of time to search.

        Have a great day!

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