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Diecast: The Scale of It

Of course, 1:55 is not included …

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10 November 2020 CARS, Toys One Comment

One Comment

  • FischAutoTechGarten says:

    I always find it helpful to see what ModelTrain Scale is closest to the Disney/Mattel CARS cars as well.

    I can’t post photos, but the 1:55 scale of the Mattel Cars Diecast falls between O scale (1:48) and S scale (1:64). So if you were building dioramas you’d select stuff at the O scale (which would be just a bit bigger). You’d also accomodate the Disney Cars 1:43 scale this way.

    For Mini-Racers and Micro-Drifters, it gets a bit more complicated… as we don’t really know the scale of those as they have distorted shapes.

    It’s been suggested that Mini-Racers are somewhere around the 1:101 (or 3mm Scale).. as they aren’t quite half the size of the 1:55 cars. But that’s too rare. So dioramas for Mini-Racers would be a comprimise of HO scale elements (1:87) and TT scale elements (also rare, it’s 1:120).

    The MicroDrifters are very small, and it might be reasonable to cite them as N Scale (1:160).

    a google search on Model Train Gauge will give you good pictures of the scales.

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