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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Racers Advent 2020 Calendar

Thanks, “Carl P.” for the heads up on the details of the “Mini Racers” Advent Calendar 2020.

The track portion disassembles.

It comes with 5 exclusive Mini Racers are diecast as usual* – Holiday Storm Jackson, Holiday Dinoco Cruz Ramirez, Holiday Lightning McQueen, Holiday HJ Hollis (Next Gen N20 Cola) and Holiday Mater.

*Presuming we are not getting these in the next batch of Mini racers single or multi-packs?? They are NOT sniped as Exclusives so … ??

You get a ton of 1:55 scale accessories including some new & exclusives (?) including: snow flecked Rust-Eze tool chest; snow flecked Jackson Storm tool chest; snow flecked Dinoco Cruz tool chest, scoreboard, blue Piston Cup; #95 Oil can**; white stack of tires; and snow flecked Piston Cup barrier sign.

The other accessories (cones, and black tires are the same as last year’s or available before).

The flags are “new.” but since they only attach to this set, they are not really 1:55 accessories.

Yes, the accessories are scaled to the 1:55 CARS.

**The actual oil can does not seem to match this prototype photo.

Disney Pixar Cars 2020 Advent Calendar available at Amazon.

If you want, you can still pick up last year’s 2019 set …

You can pick up the 2017 one also.

It comes with a track also, maybe you can put them all together for one giant track??

There was no advent in 2018.


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