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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Pixar Fest Diecasts by the Numbers

People have asked how many Pixar Fest Diecasts were produced.

Here’s my guess …I presume the most any of the 300 Target store will get is 3 cases but there stores that get none. Smaller urban stores? ?? So, I would pursue it’s “not rare” but we won’t get a 2nd shipment (presumably) … basically, if one case per store means 7,200 diecasts, I would guess an average of 2 cases is more likely 0r @15,000 in total if you include the European shipment … that seems reasonably for repaints of diecasts readily available, just a new paint scheme + a new card …

Missed it slightly … read the wrong number on the Target press release, thanks for the update … Target does divide it stores by brackets but that is an internal secret so we can’t really say for toys if a store is an A, B, or C store … so some stores will get multiple cases while others will not get any and it’s not by size as a giant new store by me is almost always empty of almost everything (not just CARS) while the older Target (always packed and smaller 8 miles is full of stock) so I would say a an average of case per store is around 45,600 plus the EU shipment so 50k seems like a nice round number … but as noted, if stores are getting multiple shipments, that’s great, they are fun diecasts.

Lightning, Mater & Ramone (all Metallic)

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30 September 2020 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 6 Comments


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