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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Rotor Turbosky, Dinoco Helicopter

Thanks, “Mark T.” for the nice photos.

Deluxe Rotor Turbosky, Dinoco Helicopter returns – other than the eyeid line and some slightly different tamp decals design, essentially the same as the last release.




Previous release of Rotor …

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21 September 2020 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 4 Comments


  • DisneyLover55 says:

    I’m also not really in love with the more graphic look that Mattel is doing with the 2020 diecasts. It doesn’t really make them look as realistic.

    • hypercarrots says:

      the thailand cars decals are a different manufacturing process. the resolution of the decals is not as fine as the made in china cars but at least now there aren’t as many misaligned, folded over and scratched off examples. consistency and quality is up at the expense of higher resolution decals.

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Always nice to see older rereleases. In what year was he last released?

    (MET: it was last out in 2013, I think? … I think it’s been in some box sets since then??)

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