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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Single Card Variants 2020: Smokey & Kris Revstopski

If you are card completist collectors, there are 2 variants from the 2020 singles that might be of interest to you.

Smokey was released under the “Cotter Pin” banner/category based on the themes from last year before e was finalized as a Florida 500 banner for 2020 …

The diecasts are both from Thailand and identical.

Kris Revstopski first was released with a Green Flag but NOT named differently in the “Florida 500” theme/banner.

He was later and currently in release with White Flag – still called Kris Revstopski  but under the “Cooper Canyon” theme/banner.

(NOTE, this is an error card, he got labeled with the KURT nameplate from the trainee release, he is really Kris Revstopski).

He was released in 2019 with the Checkered flag, from China, no bed cover, different mirrors, bumper lines, mouth expression and eyelid position.


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