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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Singles Case DVX-946F

A detailed breakdown of CASE F.

New for 2020. Wasabi Mouth Mater* (new look) the very nice Muddy Rust-Eze Lightning (Metallic though not named on the card) … same with Tim Treadless (Metallic) but just him name and Conrad Camber.

*Wasabi Mater is technically a re-release but hard to find back in the CARS 2 days.

Also variant re-releases with the eyelid line as the main variant change such as Miguel Camino and Kevin Shiftright (Clutch Aid). Bill is his 1st single release (non-exclusive and no rubber tires).

And while it contains a lot of 2020 releases/re-releases already out, it’s great to see more Cupcake Lightning, and Metallic Strip Weathers …

More common re-releases …

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