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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Series #5 Mini Racers “Blind Box” Singles Checklist

The Series #5 Mini Racers “Blind Box” Singles are out … numbering #49-#60 for 2020.

Red are new releases & the amount in the case. Green are re-releases.

The chase is Metallic Miss Fritter.

Series 5 boxes are purple and the number is stamped on the side so they are BLIND but not so blind if you know the numbering scheme.

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  • Dunroamin says:

    where in the north east USA can you find these…i have had zero luck since the blind bags

    • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

      I’m in Ohio-so not quite “north east”; but my experience has found the singles (which account for most of my collection) in the Kroger family of stores. The dozen or so stores in my immediate area have all had the bags, the cardback singles, or these blind boxes at some point-although there’s no rhyme or reason for what they get when. Maybe a combination of sell-thru & whatever is at the warehouse when replenishment orders are generated; My local KROGER store for instance currently has SERIES 1 & 4 in stock but I’ve never in 2 years seen SERIES 2 or 3 there. Fortunately, I found my SERIES 2 at various KROGER stores a bit further out, within a 25 mile radius. I’ve yet to find SERIES 3 (at over 20 stores) and hope I can snag the seven or so new releases soon, maybe with SERIES 5.

      Anyhow, I digress! I’m not sure which of these might be in your neck of the woods but good luck!

      City Market
      Food 4 Less
      Foods Co
      Fred Meyer
      Harris Teeter
      King Soopers
      Jay C Food Store
      Owens Market
      Pay-Less Super Markets
      Smith’s Food and Drug

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