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Mattel Disney PIxar CARS: The Thailand Look

For those collecting Mattel’s Disney Pixar CARS have a decision to make, replace them with the new Thailand versions?

Chick Hicks with Headset first produced in China for CARS 3 (left) has the “unibody” windshield look …

The new Thailand releases (as most releases came from factories there in mid 2019) has the more correct look of the CARS characters from the movie, a black outline around the windshield and by adding an eyelid line creates the optical illusion of depth. It’s a nice new addition and in our checklists, these new Thailand releases are considered more accurate.

Happy collecting!

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  • SPK65 says:

    Great post as always Met. I, on the other hand, am not an opener, which makes things complicated sometimes. So far we have 2 versions of Chick Hicks with Headset from China (one is the single and the other from a box set). Recently, I saw a new box set from Vietnam and it includes another variation.

    I do not have a record of a Thai Chicks Hicks with Headset? Can someone show a picture of this or what case in came in? I may have missed it?


    Samuel K

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    Hi! Would anyone be so kind as to tell me in what scene in Cars 3 it shows Chick with a headset? Thanks!

    (MET: Yes, as CARS 3 stands now, there are not Chick with headset scenes since he only seems to announce in a studio and headsets are only for trackside announcers but the diecast designers may have been shown storyboards or early art where Chick had a headset and since they had the mold for Chick and he’s really wearing the same headset as Shannon Spokes, they figured that was a quick and easy character to do…)

  • MackDaddy says:

    Hey Met,

    Off topic a bit but I was wondering if you had ever done a write up on as to why some Cars are packaged to the right while others are facing left? It kind of drives me batty. Is it random or purposeful? Was there ever a right/left variant of a release? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    (MET: I don’t think they spend a lot of time thinking about that – they haven’t really changed the bubble size since they added the “tray,” so most likely it’s what it already fits a mold they have that will work … the only consideration given to if they want to show off an accessory (attached or not), presumably all those CARS face right since most accessories seem to be on the left that are attached (??) … The CARS had no trays for the first year or so and then they added a tray for the Supercharged series (??) so CARS were at an angle, adding exciting as a display … but eventually they settled on a molded tray that was more or less straight in the bubble. If you want to know, the first ROR Lenticular offered CARS that had eyes that at “level resting’ position was left OR right … but in certain positions, those releases had closed eyes so for the Night Skyline lenticulars, they went to always open lenticulars).

    • DisneyLover55 says:

      Oh man! I’ve been wondering that too! Thanks for the info, Met!

    • quercy says:

      Desert series, Supercharged and World of Cars singles are facing left except some of the synthetic rubber tires in Race O Rama series were facing right for no apparent reason and some of the Christmas series that year.

      Only Rhonda is facing right in the Story Tellers series.

      Then, strangely all the Toons and Final Laps series are facing right including Flo with tray even if the tray is on the far side but the car is tilted to expose the tray.

      Cars 2; all facing right.

      Take Flight Series; all to the left.

      Radiator Spring Classic; all to the right.

      WGP; all to the right except Waiter Mater (the tray).

      World of Cars 2014; all to the right except, Cora Copper (camera is on the far side! weird) Denise Beam, Waiter Mater, Wing. Only Manji is facing left under the Toon re-release that year.

      Every single released in 2015 are facing right except Marty Barkeburst and Matthew McCrew.

      2016; all right except Holley Shiftwell with electroshock device.

      2017; all right except Marty Barkeburst, Matthew McCrew, Petro Cartalina, Denise Beam and Clutch Foster.

      Cars 3; all looking left!

      2017-18 including the Thomasville, Drag and Fireball Beach Series all to the left except Sarge with Cannon but the Mud Racing series are all to the right.

      So far this year all Blue Desert singles are facing left except Ponchy Wipeout, Ernesto, DJ and Silver Dinoco Cruz Ramirez. Mud and Rocket Racing Series are facing right and finally Fan Favorites are looking to the left.

      NOTE: I believe ALL haulers are facing left.

      • quercy says:

        Some I missed…

        Cars 2; Megasize Double Decker Bus and Taco Mater are looking left

        2015; Fabulous Hornet on Stand is also left

        2017; there is also Bruno Motoreau and Vladimir Trunkov looking left.

        Blue Desert; Finn McMissile is looking right.

        (MET: Thanks for the most obscure update … 🙂 … your left, your left, your left …).

        • quercy says:

          I was wondering how it was for the Planes universe… Well during the 4 years of Planes ALL of them are facing left except the 3 Deluxe helicopters. Blade Ranger, BLAZIN Blade Ranger and WIndlifter.

  • Real Gone says:

    I personally am not concerned about those types of details. I only have so much money and space. I am happy and thankful just to be able to collect any of the Cars characters at all!

    • techphilosopher says:

      I agree. As an opener I’ve really only been after one of each model. With or without the eyelid line they are still one of the greatest and most accurate line of movie tie-ins ever.

      • Real Gone says:

        I am also an opener too. I’ve never been able to just leave something in its package-I have get it out, look at it up close, and then I can display it however I want.

        • DisneyLover55 says:

          I am an opener as well! Well, partial opener. I only leave the cars in the boxes if they are rare and/or hard to find. I also agree with you, Real Gone. I think it would be fun to be a completionist, but I am just happy and thankful that I have the money, space, and time to collect these cars! I’m also so thankful I get to be part of the Take 5 family!

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