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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Piston Cup Racers by Number, Name & Sponsor Checklist (CARS to CARS 3)

I updated the Piston Cup racers checklist to reflect all the changes to numbers, sponsors and drivers with some updated options.

A gray bar indicates that sponsor had no racer in CARS 1 but they could retro one, it’s possible, unlikely but possible.

A black bar means that sponsor changed numbers but they already had a racer in CARS 1 or CARS 3 (depending on the case) so there’s zero chance there will be a addition to that sponsor (like Dinoco THE KING 43 is now Dinoco 31 so there will not be a Dinoco 43 CARS 3 or  a 43 Next Gen racer).

“See” means the sponsor changed numbers.

It seems unlikely we’ll get a new Dale Jr. but I left him blank for CARS 3.

Every other blank is a CARS 3 racer or Next Gen racer we might/will get. Other than Carbon Cyber Next Gen who’s name is known but no diecast, the others are still open.

You can right click for a larger version.

Collect ’em all.

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  • Real Gone says:

    I was wondering, wouldn’t Cruz also be the #95 Next Gen racer as she did win the race in Florida using McQueen’s number 95?

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      That’s how I classify it in the database I created. Cruz is the “Next Gen” 95 racer, then the Dinoco racer.

      (MET: I left it open since she was now racing for Dinoco and McQ is still seemingly the Rust-Eze guy and not officially retired and while CARS seem capable of slight body modifications, he could get a modified Next Gen body, yes, unlikely but until the door is closed …).

  • Real Gone says:

    Thanks for putting this together for all of us, Met. A great resource!

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