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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: It’s Continental, Nicky B. & Flo 2-Pack

thanks “Mark T.” for the nice pics …

Nice detailing on Nicky B.

The very continental Continental Tire.

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  • Mapplesoft says:

    Why did the tractor in Cars 1 eat Luigi’s tires? He wanted a continental breakfast! 😀

    Anyway, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Nicky B was a cancelled release–I get a Race-O-Rama / Final Lap vibe from the really unique design of the car. So after some digging I found an archived T5AD article: https://www.takefiveaday.com/2017/03/16/mattel-disney-pixar-cars-2016-½-new-singles-visual-checklist/

    Nicky was supposed to be released earlier… in 2017. Hmm, most Cars 1 characters that premiered during the Cars 2 era were pretty uninspiring and rather generic actually (Jay W, Christina Wheeland, Dan Sclarkenberg). So I still think my theory is correct, which means Nicky B would have been cancelled twice. How is that for speculation? I really have no proof, more of a hunch. Also Mater with cones was cancelled more than once and that is also finally seeing the light of a day. Coincidence? I think not!

    (MET: Nice work. It looks like a chart I made but ZERO, ZERO recollection … but closing in on 9,000 posts so things tend to spill out on pages while I’m eating a burito and watching SW: RoS which still makes no sense …).

  • Danpix says:

    Who is Nicky B Cannonically?

  • tzdtmm says:

    I was thrilled to find this 2 pack about 2 weeks ago at a Target, surprisingly Flo looks like the old fashioned design, the pre Radiator Springs Classics version, with pushed in windshield/roof section. But Nicky B looks great

    John V

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