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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Singles Case DXV29-946E Preview

Thanks “Mark T.” for the photos of the contents of Singles Case DXV29-946E

It looks like a case that mostly consists of releases from CASE C & D but still nice that we’re getting new releases in different cases as each retailer may get different cases …

The only new release is Cupcake Lightning McQueen arriving in the US after first arriving in the EU.

The other releases are a mix of CASE C & D so if your retailer did not get those cases,  this is a nice catch up case.

Is this the first re-release of Billy Oilchanger/Octane Gain from CARS 1 with the eyelid line?

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  • RCcars5 says:

    Silver King is also new to this case… Bill is new to Thailand. Kris is new with white flag. Tim Treadless is new to Thailand. Cupcake McQueen has not been available at retail in Europe.

    (MET: AS noted, it’s not like the old days when EVERY retailer got every case (with an occasional exclusive) … the Target closest to me has not received any singles since CASE A of 2020 so if anything between between B to E shows up, it’s all new. Those who buy full cases know what they are getting and are willing to accept ‘repeats.’ clearly).

  • SPK65 says:

    Yes first Thailand eyelid line release of Octane Gain. Nice!

    • Mapplesoft says:

      Yeah I know someone who will be very happy to see a Thailand version of classic Octane Gain. These are good times to be a variant collector.

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