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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Piston Cup Race 5-Pack for Variant Hot Mess Collectors

Thanks “Mark T.” for the heads up and great pics … I think. Well, the pics are great, not sure this info won’t start a riot but okay.

It was all so simple before it changed … first we had segmented face variants … then some CARS lost their raised metal eyelids … then we got an eyelid line when production moved from China to Thailand and Vietnam … now, we have IT ALL in one box …

While this box set name has been used over and over, this is the 1st time I believe these 5 are together in one set. Looks like a lot of repeats BUT … it was all so different between it changed.

Chick is BOTh a raised metal eyelid AND with eyelid line, a FIRST of this variant …

Same with King, Strip Weathers.

Plus the recent singles back windows have been light gray.

But strangely, Lightning is NOT a raised windshield but just an eyelid line. CARS 1 Lightning has already been released as such so technically, he’s the ONLY non recent variant in this box.

Race Official Tom, raised eyelid AND the eyelid line.

AND just to complete the freak show, first release of Wilmar Flatz with the eyelid line but the last Wilmar was a unibody so somehow they gound an old mold or we’re back to segmented faces on some?

So, er collect ’em all! Good Evening, Vietnam!


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  • Mapplesoft says:

    The Thailand King had light gray frosted windows which are more true to the movie. I am pretty bummed to see the darker windows again.

  • SPK65 says:

    Yep, it’s true. I picked the box up this morning. All are different from the Thailand releases and do not have inset windshields, but they have the line which is quite different from Thailand. This is now the second box set from Vietnam to do this. The other is the new Target 11 pack that does the same thing – raised eyes with lines and many with different eye positions (see other post on this site). This is getting crazy!

  • AussieMcQueen says:

    Technically, Lightning McQueen is a new variant, since this is his first release from Vietnam.

    (MET: I will crown you king of variants if you have a slot for Vietnam re-releases of Thai variant re-releases … any other takers? 🙂 ).

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