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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Singles Case DXV29-946C Recap

The new diecast singles case C (DXV29-946C) is a nice case.

The first appearance of Next Gen Easy Idle, harvey Rodcap.

There’s also a NEW SILVER Chick Hicks and a NEW SILVER Jackson Storm but not really marked in anyway other than the Silver Snipe banner on the left so look carefully! Don’t just look at the front screenshot! There is also a NEW Kurt with Bug Teeth trainee.

NEW as singles and first release not with rubber tires, Jambalaya Chimichanga and Liability.

Plus some long time favs with an eyelid line: Nigel Gearsley with Flames, Snot Rod and Old School Ramone. There might be other variant features but for now, we know they have the eyelid line.

Plus 2020 releases already out but always nice to see these on the pegs.

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  • Mark from South Dakota says:


    • AussieMcQueen says:

      It was an Amazon exclusive 10 pack but has been sold by resellers on eBay. Some of the other ones I recall being in the pack were Sally, Cigalert, McQueen, Mater and Luigi/Guido. If you are looking for a Harvey to be played with or not worried about whether it’s an old or new one, definitely buy the single one, since the 10-pack is extremely hard to find online now.

  • AussieMcQueen says:

    – Harvey Rodcap was released as a 10-pack exclusive in 2017. He is only new to a single and with the “eyelid line”, but not a completely new release.
    – Rust-eze Lightning McQueen is new with the “eyelid line”.

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