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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Racers Advent Calendar 2020

Just a low res preview – but Mini Racers completist collectors might want to keep an eye on this advent calendar … it seems to feature all ‘snow day/ice’ white/snow covered tires – will these be an exclusive or will we get these as regular releases before December 2020. About 300 days until Christmas …

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28 February 2020 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 Comments


  • FischAutoTechGarten says:

    I had just ordered the 2019 Mini Racer Advent Calendar today.. and then I saw this advertisement on Instagram.

    So, a search on the Internet revealed the existence of a 2017/2018 (not sure which year) Mini Racer Advent Calendar that featured Cal Weathers and a few different bits. It was inexpensive, so I ordered it too. None of the other Advent Calendar stuff interest me from what I was able to gather from the interwebs…

    But this set, with what appears to be exclusive cars (because we need another LMQ release! LOL) is one that I’ll try to grab as soon as it becomes available.

    I do like the #mattelmetalminiracers #PixarCarsMiniRacers

    (MET: 2017 was a 1:55 one; 2018 were MINI’s but no diecast exclusive though there were accessories that were exclusives but unfortunately none of the flags fit into Dexter Hoover … SEE POST HERE. Last year featured pretty much the same CARS plus with only the large oil can as an exclusive, I did not bother to get one SEE POST HERE)

  • e.davies1 says:

    I ordered a bunch of then 2019 advent calendars from Mattel in January 2019 hoping to get them around October, but they waited until January 2020 to try sending them to me. Hopefully, if these are available to retailers other than Amazon, they will ship prior to the holidays.

  • Cars Collector12 says:

    I’m sorry but I do not see a photo?

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