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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Racers 3-Pack Recap 2020

Yes, it’s time to update the Mini Racers checklist but with the numbering change/non-numbering, it’s time to redo it and just alphabetize them … but for now, here’s a recap of the 3-packs in the 2020 packaging …

Nighttime in Radiator Springs – Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen, Ramone (Red) & Flo

Florida 500 Rivalry – Golden Rust-Eze Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen & Jackson Storm/

Rust-Eze Racing Center – Metallic Sterling, Lightning McQueen & Cruz Ramirez.

Derby Racing – Muddy Miss Fritter, APB & Muddy Lightning McQueen

Radiator Springs – Golden Ramone, Lightning McQueen & Mater.

Next GEn Racers – Jackson Storm, Ryan Inside’ Laney & Ralph Carlow.

XRS Racers – XRS Lightning, XRS Cruz & XRS Jackson Storm.

XRS Racers – Lightning, Brick Yardley & Tim Treadless.

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