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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Sarge 2020 – Close Enough

Thanks “Mark T.” for the nice photos.

The 2020 Sarge has the eyelid line … But it looks close enough to the last version of Sarge from 2012 so while there are some slight production differences, I’m going to say that it’s essentially the same and not really a notable variant but it’s your call …

2020 Sarge

2012-2019 Sarge.

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18 December 2019 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2 Comments


  • SPK65 says:

    Yes, definite eye lid line on 2020 Thailand version plus other differences.

  • SEDEMA says:

    TFADay Welcome back,
    I made a comparison between the 2 Sarge:
    2013 – Wheel Motel Series n. 2/11
    Made in China.
    Col. Opaque Military Green
    Matt Canvas Cover
    Slightly + large and + Chiari windows
    Goalkeeper emblem + Large and + clear
    Equal eyes
    Eyelids all decals.
    White star on the hood + Large
    2020 – Blue Desert RS Series
    Made in Thailand
    Col. Military Green + Glossy
    Telata + glossy hood
    Slightly + small windows and beige
    Goalkeeper badge + small and + gray
    Equal eyes
    Eyelids in relief
    White star on the bonnet + small.

    Greetings SERGIO

    (MET: Thanks, we have had a lot of Sarge variants that it’s hard to tell what’s the ‘correct’ so either collect ’em all or collect one. 🙂 ).

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