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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Singles Case DXV29-958T Breakdown

Another fun case is headed to stores:

NEW for 2020. Panel truck Wheeldell Lee, Thomasville Classic Slim Hood, Rev M Go Racing Tractor (first one!) and the first non-limited release of Speedy Comet (with Thailand windshield updates).

New Variants with the Thailand windshield updates – inset windshield and eyelid line: From CARS 3 Shiny Wax Darren Leadfoot and double variant Bumper Save Ponchy Wipeout. He has the eyelid color fixed, the added eyelid line BUT also a yellow-tint piping on the hood and back quarter panels.

From CARS 1, Sarge has a slightly different eyelid line position as well as the line. Also Nitroade Aiken Axler with inset windshield and the eyelid line.

Same as the 2019 CARS 3 releases but they are recent and if you missed them, you might be able to find them easier.

CARS 2 variants also recently released but in case you missed them, here’s your chance to grab them.

Common 2019 re-releases.

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30 August 2019 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS One Comment

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