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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 DXV29-958Q Singles Case Breakdown

The 2020 Q singles case breaks down as such …

ALL NEW – Metallic Ryan Shields

CARS 1 variants – Chick, King with insert windshields and eyelid lines. Hydraulic Purple Ramone with eyelid lines.

CARS 2 variants – Mach, Francesco with eyelid lines. Lewis Hamilton has a slight different position yellow stripe.

CARS 3 variants – Barry DePdeal & Blindspot with eyelid lines …

CARS 1 & CARS 2 re-releases that match the last released 2019 version. Doc was last released a while back but looks essentially the same.

CARS 3 re-releases that match the 2019 release versions with eyelid lines. Pat Traxson literally has an eyelid line that is 1mm thicker, I’m not calling it a variant but collect away!

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