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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New & Variant Singles

More new singles and variants are hitting the pegs:

Metallic Rex Revler – all NEW version release of Rex Revler from CARS 3.

All NEW – Carl Clutchen, CARS 3.

Antonio Veloce Eccellente – VARIANT, looks like a unibody (CARS 1).

VARIANT Cruz Besouro – with eyelid line.

VARIANT – it looks like Chuck Armstrong’s body from CARS 1 – mixed up Dud Throttleman’s body from CARS 3 (see below what Dud & Chuck looks like). It looks like the new CARS 1 Mood Springs looks darker blue and the original had dark back windows not gray so … a minor variant or an incorrect variant if you collect cars 9n cards).

The real DUD.

Chuck Armstrong/Moo Springs, CARS 1 (already released as a flat windshield).

Greta looks the same.

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