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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Fireball Beach Variants Buying Guide

If are an opener AND a variant collector, you can save a few bucks and pick up the box sets which has two variants + an exclusive CAR in each box set.

Box Set #1 features the same Fireball Beach Lightning McQueen single.

Box Set #2 (with Lightning on the 3rd position) has the more opaque Lightning (more overspray) – the variant only in Box Set #2.

Conversely, the Dinoco Cruz Ramirez from the Box Set is the more opaque/more overspray one and also available as a single.

The darker blue Dinoco Cruz Ramirez is only available in box set#1

So if you are an opener,getting the 2 box sets,  you can skip the the singles for Lightning, Dinoco Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm & Sheldon Shifter plus Cam Spinner is only available in the box set (as of now).

You can check out all the singles HERE.

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