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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Hear, Hear for Steve Hearsell

Thanks “Mark T,” for the nice photos.

Steve Hearsell is one of the most unique CARS diecast releases …

Though I guess we should not think too much of why in CARS World you would need a hearse that is this sized (versus one can carry a CAR inside) …  excellent details though.

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  • tzdtmm says:

    We just need a customizer now to turn Steve into an Ecto-1, how cool would that be?

    John V

  • tzdtmm says:

    It took me a few tries but I located were Steve Hearsell is in Cars 3….. As Cruz drives away from the Florida 500 after Sterling ordered her to return to work, she receives a call from Hamilton from Chester Whipplefilter, look at the traffic driving away from the camera as she answers the call….you’ll see Steve with the large chrome “V” on it’s trunk drive away. Very subtle and brief, but it looks like him. This is the scene just before she enters the race to beat Jackson Storm.

    John V.

  • BMW says:

    I agree its one of the most unique die-casts in the Cars Universe.

  • Dickbaer says:

    Big enough for the engine 🙂
    The Thailand cars have a very good quality!!!

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