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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New 2019 Diecasts Singles Case E & F

Thanks “Samuel K.” for the great photos.

We’re getting a whole bevy of new singles from CASE E & F (they are duplicate cases when it comes to these “NW” singles)

Adam Parke – Carla Veloso’s Pitty

There is an int’l version without the eyelid line.

Bill Revs – very cool old school family wagon.

Bob Cutlass – CARS 3 version, though not as marked as such – different color and RSN tampo decal – technically ‘new.’

Cam Spiner – Next  Gen Triple Dent. Out earlier in but in very limited quantities.

Kiel Motorray – nice roof detailing.

Richie Gunzit, first single release Next Gen Gasprin.

Steve Hearsell.*

Xanadu Bumpers – nice VW.

* A hearse this small in CARS World means you crash exploded in tiny pieces so you can fit in the back?  🙁

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