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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Low Down Varmint

“Ryan V.” found this at WM – low, down dirty thief … subbing in a diecast … if you look closely, it’s not even a new diecast but a beat-up one so … not to be rude, but nice parenting on several levels … isn’t he little kid going to wonder what happened to his lil’ purple car? Since it’s beat up, it seems to be one that the kid loves to play with? Plus this is a skilled replace and put back – shouldn’t you be making customs to sell if your hands are steady and you’re an artist?

Some people have a little too much free time to buy a diecast 2-pack, subbing in a diecast, using cat burglar like skills to make it like new and driving back to WM to get to escape with $3.50 minus time, gas and your kid’s favorite purple car … I am confused.

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