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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Shannon Spokes Silver & Gold …

Thanks “Samuel K.” for the heads up of a strange and limited variant.

Shannon Spokes was only released in a 5-pack – in silver – in the Piston Cup Race box set (Walmart exclusive).

However, some versions of the Piston Cup Race box set (Walmart exclusive) features a gold-tinted Shannon Spokes.

If you look closely, she is vaguely tinted more gold …

The 2019 single release shows her gold-tinted screenshot – but the single is definitely silver. There are also some changes to the window.

While it is subtle, a direct comparison of the gold tint and the silver of the 2019 single.

Is the 2019 card single accurate – her from the film …

Yes, slight gold – subtle – in the one scene with Sterling who is definitely silver, we can see she is slightly gold tinted.

There is a metallic Shannon Spokes coming (listed as Silver Metallic) so what will her color be?

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