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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: More 2018 Thailand Variants

It looks like when production moved to Thailand, they not only made new molds but they made more changes – the most obvious ones are the eyelid line on the windshield. Here’s some more.

Chick Hicks with headset has the eyelid line and an inset windshield.

2017 version.

Luigi & Guido with eyelid lines.

Jackson Storm has an eyelid line which gives the illusion of a raised windshield and the windshield is now inset versys just part of the body.

2017 Jackson.

Nigel Gearsley is a different kind of variant – the eye position & eyelid positions are different (no eyelid line).

2012 release.

2018 version with eyelid line, inset windshield and darker eyebrows.

2017 release.

2017 Sterling.

2018 release with eyelid line.

There might be more but I have not looked through everything but basically if you’re a complete completist … make more room.

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