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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Next Super Chase WGP Globie 2018 or 2019?

“David V.” gives us a heads up the WGP Globie diecast Deluxe SUPER CHASE is out in France.

He was scheduled for 2018 in the US but he might’ve slipped to 2019?

Without a pic of the back, it’s hard to tell – in the US, we get the J hook die cut fpr store peg hanging. this card is not but it may not mean anything.

There’s no Deluxe case scheduled so we might get the switchover to 2019.

(BTW, this is a CARS 2 character for those who are wondering).

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  • BMW says:

    have any dealers in the USA reported to you about this case?

    (MET: Not scheduled so this might be 2019 for us – the New Year reset?)

  • BMW says:

    Met: Has any Super Chase been released first in Europe before getting a USA release?

    (MET: Its hard to tell if its an official release or the case just wound up there – since there’s no other language on the front, it might just be an US box that ended up in EU).

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