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Kroger to Add “TRU” Geoffrey’s Toy Box Section

When the company that owns the TRU name said they were going to launch some mini stores, it will now be inside Kroger stores at 600 locations but sadly, it looks only a new aisle?

You can read more at Forbes.

Thanks for the link and heads up, “Big Bad A-Man’s Dad.”


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13 November 2018 Toys 2 Comments


  • quercy says:

    My Kroger have displayed Geoffrey Toy’s Box right in at the entrance of the store this weekend…. nothing much exciting in there. Looks like Wal-Mart displays in the middle of the main alleys or near the cashiers during Easter period…

  • TTFN says:

    There are no Kroger stores in Chicagoland however Kroger purchased Roundy’s which is the parent company of Mariano’s.

    Is there any indication that Kroger’s decision will trickle down to Mariano’s or other chains owned by Kroger?

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