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Disney Pixar CARS 3: JP Drive, the Apple PC Racer Disney Store Version

The Disney Store JP Drive, the Apple Piston Cup racer from CARS 3.

Definitely available in Japan and EU – a few people have mentioned it’s available in the US but since I don’t live near a Disney Store anymore, hard for me to tell. What say you?

As usual, it’s nicely done and SOLID METAL DIECAST – it’s no ultra portable Apple.

Nice silver “foil.”

Nice details.

Bt it’s definitely NOT 1:55 unlike some Disney Store diecasts with varying scale – this one is massive compared to the Mattel 1:55.

Though if you park it in the back with the Mattel ones in the front – the perspective thing might work … or just park it next to the RV’s.

When it arrives, I’ll let you know if the Tomy Takara 1:64 version scales?

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8 November 2018 Apple, Disney Pixar CARS 3, Disney Store One Comment

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