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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Town Playsets 11 of 13 …

With the preview of Doc Hudson’s Ornament Valley Clinic, 11 of 13 town playsets are out or immediately scheduled leaving 2 …

Precision Series Poster

ONLY 2 are left on the poster …

# 1  “The Radiator Springs Courtyard & Fire Department”

#11 “Piston Cup Racing Museum”

The numbering was never sequential in order of release.

At D23 2015, they announced there would be 13 townie playsets + accessories (roads, trees, etc …).

The townies playsets they showed off included the mini stores between Luigi’s and Ramone’s & the Courthouse. They are shown above in the poster in white outline – are they #14 & #15 (as two playsets for either side of the street?).

(The Oil Pan, Lube O Rama, Sparky’s Spark Plugs, Pop ‘n Patch Tire, Miss Piston, Carburetor Emporium Repair, Muddy’s Mudflaps & Mrs. Muffler on one side as one & Wimpy Wipers, Eat, Sparky’s Spark Plugs, The Curb Feeler & Foggy’s Windshield on the other side).

Will we get them?

wheel well view

luigi street view

From the movie cruisin’ scene.


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  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Hi ya Met,
    Playset numbers 12 and 13 being the vacant shops each side…”are they #14 & #15 (as two playsets for either side of the street?).”
    I agree they are the remaining sets of the 13 ‘announced At D23 2015.” The block of shops each present the concept of two separate playsets. I would bite the bullet and purchase them on release.
    Would Mattel release them on subscription like the Castle Grey Skull Re-Issue a few years ago?
    …Along with Ramone and Flo’s House, Lizzy’s Barn and Luigi’s A Casa Mia. That would be the gas.

    (MET: It’s hard enough getting info pass a few weeks now … so other than Dov’s in pre-order status, we can’t even be 100% certain that the Courthouse and the Museum are coming but hopefully … the other shops are unknown … but hopefully …)

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