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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Go with the Flo Unibody

One of the mainstay and oddball segmented CARS has finally been unibody-ized.

FLO – original from the beginning – raised eyebrows – notice the sink well around the window and roof? Flo was always an oddball with the middle part pushed through a hole in the rest of the body that was diecast.

She became a flat windshield CAR a few years back bust still with the hole and her middle parts pushed through.

But 2018 Flo in the 2-pack is now a 100% Unibody!

New Flo on the left – notice NO SEAMS around the middle anymore.

Also a slight color change on the stripe element to white (new Flo on the bottom).

Interesting, the base base is not as thick so it doesn’t require as much support (older Flo on right).

New eye position also (new Flo on left).

Base black and no longer teal.

The Purple Ramone in the 2-pack also has a slightly different eye position and eyebrows.

Thanks “Mark T.” for the nice photo review of the “Purple” Ramone’s.

Collect em all.

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  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    “One day” Flo’s ‘A Pillar’ window moulding will get corrected to match the original design and become another example we will have to’collect em all.’

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    The Ramone on the left I hazard a guess is the Precision Ramone with individual wheel height axles. The example I have, the purple base colour is rather pink than purple. Another observation. The new Ramones-Cars 2 on-ward- are slightly smaller and not as square underneath as original Cars Ramone’s.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    It looks like the rear window pillars are there, they just aren’t painted anymore; they’re only molded in place.

  • MackDaddy says:

    Besides the seams on the top, It looks like the rear window supports that segment the rear window into 3 are missing. She now has a wrap around rear window.

  • SPK65 says:

    This is good news as I bought the two pack for the Ramone flat windshield variant. Just made this a great two pack!

    Re: Purple Ramone

    The one on the right is 2018, the middle is original, but what is the one on the left? A slight variant from when?

    Samuel K

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Note that Flo’s side and rear windows now don’t look like her image on film. The new unibody has “A pillar” window corners that are more square than her old design.

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