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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 3: Light-up Tech Touch 1:55 Lightning McQueen “Promo” (eBay)

Thanks for the heads up & photos, “John N.”

There was a 1:24 scale Tech Touch Lightning McQueen where you could control the RC Lightning McQueen by pressing the LED screen on his back window to control & program him.

Apparently Mattel made a “promo” version to sell help the large 1:24 scale Tech Touch Lightning  that comes in a nice miniaturized box of the original larger version.

John H. notes, “1:55 McQueen with plastic body but decaled and with diecast chassis and same axles & wheels as regular diecast. At least same metal to plastic ratio as a hauler cab. Press the back window, white LED lights up headlights and a Cars 3 logo lights up in the rear window for a few seconds.”


If you live near a Mattel outlet store, you can look there or it’s also available on eBay.


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